Women at Work – A Day in a UConn Practice (via ESPN)

Geno puts these ladies to work!! Being number one, sheer domination, striking fear in the hearts of your opponents…those things don’t come easy.

If history is correct, tonight’s game against No. 2 Duke won’t offer much in the way of excitement. History says that No. 1 UConn will dominate. While any fan will tell you that they love to see their team mop the floor with an opponent, I submit to you that we really don’t need another blowout between these two.

Part of what makes men’s college hoops exciting is the sheer competitiveness of teams. On any given NCAA court, an upset is around the corner and closely ranked teams are sure to put on an exciting game. The women’s game needs that. Fans want to tune in and see a knock out, drag out fight between the No. 1 and 2 ranked teams in the country. The excitement of not knowing who will be the victor is captivating and keeps the audience begging for more!

So for the sake of the game…let’s go Duke!

Women at Work – A Day in a UConn Practice (via ESPN)

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