WCW: Alex Morgan


She got cut from her first club soccer when she was 13.  

Then she went on to be named an All-American by the National
Soccer Coaches Association of America.

She tore her ACL at 17.

Then she went on to become the 3rd All-Time
scorer at Berkley and the first pick of the Women’s Professional Soccer league.

She tasted defeat in the 2011 FIFA’s Women’s World Cup at
the hands of Japan and found out the WPS folded.

Then in 2012 she led the U.S. in goals, assists and points
and helped to capture the gold medal in the Olympics.

In 2013 she sprained her MCL.

Then in 2015 she went on help the US Women’s National Team
claim gold at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Now?  Well, she just
became the first female athlete to appear on the cover of EA Sport’s FIFA video
game.  This marks the first time women’s
teams have been included in the game.

She suffers adversity and then she fights back
to become stronger than ever.  She is a
winner after failure; she is the epitome of a GladiatHer.  For that Alex Morgan is our WCW.  

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