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GladiatHer™: Noun. Root words- Gladiator, Her. Fiercely competitive woman who tackles her sport and the world on her own terms.  She sacrifices blood, sweat, tears and time for the glory of victory and the love of the game, her teammates and her players.  The GladiatHer™ is a strong, smart, dedicated woman who gives her all in the arena, on the field, in the gym, in the front office, in the news room and anywhere else that sports are found.  There is no stopping the GladiatHer™.

About the creator of GladiatHers.com

Cecelia Townes is the creator and editor of GladiatHers.com.  As an attorney and former student-athlete, Cecelia has always been interested in and dedicated to sports and the position of women in sports.  GladiatHers.com was born out of her desire to educate the masses about the status of women in sports beyond the typical focuses of tournaments, injuries and trades.  Instead, she wants GladiatHers.com to be a site that looks beyond the field of play.  Her desire is to take her readers on the sometimes less than glamorous but thought-provoking experiences of women in sports.  She promises to touch on everything from the big game to sports medicine, the NCAA, the media, sports fashion and everything in between.  Hopefully her readers are enlightened about what it REALLY means to be a female athlete or a female involved in sports.  Get your scroll finger ready because things are about to get interesting!! Find out more about Cecelia here.

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Gabriel Townes


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