By now most of you are aware that last week the Senate held it’s confirmation hearing for President Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.  By a lot of people’s standards, DeVos’ performance was cringeworthy.  She avoided agreeing to uphold federal laws that protected disabled students, supported guns in schools to protect students from grizzly bears and revealed that she wasn’t knowledgeable in basic concepts about educational standards.  She provided little clarity about the tone she would set for the Department of Education and while it’s not immediately apparent, that also means there’s little clarity about the direction of women in sports. How could DeVos and the Department of Education possibly influence women in sports? For that answer I’m bringing you another installment of GladiatHer® Law.

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USC Football defeats the Colorado Buffalos 21-17 on October 8th 2016

In addition to being a Bison, I’m a Bruin through and through.  As such, I tend to refrain from giving rival schools much attention or credibility; I like to act like the Pirates and the Trojans really don’t exist.  But as much pride as I take in being a graduate of Howard University and the University of California Los Angeles, School of Law, I also take pride in giving credit where credit is due.  So it gives me great, great pleasure to give the women of the University of Southern California a huuuuuuge shout out for being members of the best athletic program in the country.

usc_football_colorado_mcgillen_2016_4786USC Football defeats the Colorado Buffalos 21-17 on October 8th 2016

Remember way back in January when I talked to the legendary Candace Parker about how legendary she is and about the Capital One Cup? It was great. Be sure to check it out.  As a reminder, every year Capital One awards a Cup and a large chunk of scholarship money to each of the best men’s and women’s Division-I college athletics programs in the country.  A few days ago, on October 8th at the Colorado v. USC game, about 200 Women of Troy took the field to claim the Capital One Cup and a fat scholarship check in the amount of $200,000 for being the best student-athletes for the 2015-2016 season.   Points toward the Capital One Cup are based on final standings of NCAA Championships and final official coaches’ polls, so these ladies really are the best student-athletes the country has to offer.


Congratulations to the Women of Troy and thanks for showing us what it looks like to be gladiators and GladiatHers® at the same time! Keep up with the current standings for the Capital One Cup here and follow the Women of Troy here.

Images by John McGillen.



It’s not everyday that you meet women who change your life. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to do just that. Sydney Satchell has gone from being a Division-I athlete to an amputee and an inspiration for so many in a relatively short amount of time. She has found the strength, courage and wisdom to turn her adversity into life lessons for so many. I’m honored to share this GladiatHer® Grads story with you. Continue reading



If you’re into Netflix like I am, there’s a really good chance that you’re captivated by one of its newest series, Luke Cage, or that you’ve already binged watched the entire first season.  Luke Cage, also known as Power Man, is a fictional superhero who appeared in comic books published by Marvel Comics.  If you don’t happen to follow comic books that closely, but watched Netflix’s other superhero series, Jessica Jones, then you’re already familiar with Cage.  If you aren’t familiar with the stories but intend to give them a watch, don’t worry; I won’t spoil the plots.  I’ll just say that both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones provide exciting, interesting stories.  And, probably most importantly, they show a woman and a person of color in roles as superheroes; stories that are, unfortunately, not frequently told.

Basking in the greatness that are Luke Cage and Jessica Jones led me to think about women in sports and the greatness they give us on a regular basis.  Day in and day out, female athletes perform feats that are nothing short of heroic.  They inspire others to be great, they bounce back from injuries, battle with archenemies and do awe-inspiring things with their bodies.  There’s no denying it, GladiatHers® are our real-life superheroes.  So today on we’re taking a look at a very short list of some GladiatHers® who live absolutely heroic lives. Continue reading

GladiatHer™ Wives: LeShonda Martin


We took a couple months off, but GladiatHer™ Wives is back and it was worth the wait! Recently, we got to sit down with a pretty extraordinary woman. With all that she does, you might easily mistake her for Wonder Woman. But she would prefer it if you called her LeShonda—LeShonda Martin to be exact. After discovering her true identity and purpose, LeShonda, a former Division I and Division III student-athlete, dedicates her time to helping other women define themselves, fight stereotypes and play active roles in their communities. I won’t give her entire story away, but I’ll let you know that by the end of this interview you’ll have know doubt that LeShonda Martin is a positive force to be reckoned with.

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In the Fast Lane with Teahna Daniels

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On Saturday, some friends and I took a trip to Birmingham, AL to check out the 2016 NCAA Division I Indoor Track & Field Championships, the other March Madness. To say watching some of the nation’s top athletes perform was exciting is an understatement. Men and women ran, jumped and threw their ways to meet, track and personal records. Oregon would claim the men’s and women’s titles, but that doesn’t mean that athletes from other schools didn’t give some outstanding performances. One of the particularly exciting events and performances was in the Women’s 60m Dash. With a field packed with formidable, experienced contenders a freshman took to her blocks and brought home the NCAA trophy, in record time. University of Texas’ Teahna Daniels showed what March Madness is all about when she stunned everyone by racing to the finish line in 7.11 seconds, the fastest time ever run by a freshman.  Take a look at her blistering speed below:

While Daniels’ upset victory may have been unexpected for her competitors and many attendees, it was not at all surprising for her. Daniels, who plans to major in Nutritional Science, came into the meet believing in herself and the hard work that she put into her preparation. The belief and hard work paid off in a major way.  I could go on and on about how great Daniels and her accomplishment are, but I figured you’d appreciate it more if you heard directly from her. So take a look at what Teahna Daniels has to say about being a National Champion and life as a student-athlete:  Continue reading

I Guess Spring is Here…

spring run

It’s early March.  The sun is shining and the temperatures are creeping dangerously close to 80° F.  It is abundantly clear that Spring is bogarting her way into the remainder of Winter.  Gotta love global warming.  In celebration of Spring’s boldness, I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of items that will make your spring workouts more enjoyable, comfortable and fashionable.  Perhaps this’ll encourage you to get out of those smelly, stuffy gyms and take in some fresh air while you burn calories:  Continue reading