Amber Balcaen: The Underdog of NASCAR

Amber Balcaen: The Underdog of NASCAR

I’m an underdog. I don’t come from money. I come from dirt racing. I’m Canadian. I’m a woman. There’s a lot that doesn’t add up to me being a typical NASCAR driver.

GladiatHer Grads: Ashley Moore

GladiatHer Grads: Ashley Moore

We hear a great deal about professional athletes and high profile college athletes, especially in basketball and football, but we don’t often talk about the average student-athlete. There’s little discussion about the hardships, the triumphs and their lives after college athletics. But former college athletes have a great deal to offer this world and are […]

It’s All About Dollars and Cents

The WNBA Finals are here, and I haven’t written about the League all season long.  Shame on me.  Thankfully, others have been doing a great deal of talking about the WNBA this season. A couple of weeks ago NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, for example, had a few things to say.  As he sat on a […]

Beyoncé on Sports Marketing

Earlier this week the Beyhive and the whole internet was abuzz after the sagacious Queen Bey came off of her thrown and delivered a brief essay on equality.  With a focus on equal pay, Beyoncé encouraged both women and men to demand that women be treated as equals in the workplace.  I’m the first one […]

Is It Worth It: Her Choice

Last week, I published the first of part of this two-part series on the utility of women’s sports programs in college.  In part I, I reached the conclusion that, for the institutions, the value in women’s sports, in the form of institutional morale, diversity and scholarship, significantly outweighed the financial costs necessary to fund those […]


3,283 points. 748 blocks. 18 dunks.  3-Time AP All-American. You know her name, get to know her stats.   Brittney Griner.  Over the past four years we’ve been privileged to watch this women single-handedly dominate basketball.  Her presence electrified fans and disheartened opponents.  Her voice in the media was not loud and boisterous, but her talents […]