GladiatHer® Wives: Samantha “DJ Spinvixen” Romantini Bethea


Today we’re merging two of our classic features, GladiatHer® Wives and GladiatHer® Crush Wednesday, to introduce you to one outstanding woman. She’s a dedicated wife and mother, an entrepreneur and philanthropist and can make a party turn 0 to 100, real quick. To top that all off, she’s a proud graduate of the Real HU. Meet New Jersey’s own, Samantha Romantini Bethea aka DJ Spinvixen…

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For as long as sports have existed, athletes’ wives have existed.  For much of their existence, however, athletes’ wives have remained seen but not heard; mere eye-candy that travels to support their spouses.  While the media often got the inside scoop on their famous husbands, most of the public was left wondering what these women were really like and what they did all day.  But with the advent of social media and reality television, the athletes’ wives, or as we like to call them GladiatHer® Wives, have increasingly become more vocal, noticeable (and dare I say household names) in society.  These outlets and genuine interest in these women have afforded athletes’ wives the ability to form their own brands and streams of income while sharing a piece of their lives with the world. Continue reading