You might not know who LaVar Ball is, but I think you should. LaVar Ball is a fascinating man who is captivating the sports world with his persistent and often over-the-top promotion of this family and entrepreneurial endeavors. His family is comprised of a wife and three incredibly talented young men, all who play basketball. […]


By now you’ve read, heard, and debated the racially-charged comments made by Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.  At best, the comments are the result of a delusional old man staring senility in the face.  I mean, he’s telling his half African-American girlfriend to not take pictures with African-Americans or show up with them at […]

GladiatHer To Watch

What were you doing at the age of 17? Probably not running in World Championships, right? Well, that’s exactly what today’s GladiatHer to Watch, Mary Cain, was doing.  At 17 Cain became the youngest person EVER to run in the finals of the 1500 in the World Championship.  On the way to the WCs Cain […]

It’s not Just Incognito

The recent news surrounding the Dolphins’ Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito has, for obvious reasons, brought issues of bullying and racism to the forefront of sports talk.  In America, where the NFL (66.3% black) and NBA (76.3% black) dominate our television screens and many of our most celebrated athletes are people of color; it is […]


This Friday, April 12, 2013, 42 the story of Jackie Robinson hits theaters.  Who doesn’t love America’s favorite pastime?!  I’m particularly excited because I love to see the stories of people of color’s impact on American history told on the big screen.  In my excitement about 42, I began to reflect on African American women […]

Not Woman Enough

Not Woman Enough

Shortly before the start of the 2012 Olympic games in London two of the world’s largest and most powerful governing athletic bodies; the International Association of Athletics Foundations (“IAAF”), responsible for regulating international track and field competition, and the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”), the governing body of the Olympics, enacted new rules that may significantly […]