For many, NASCAR is synonymous with fast cars and the men who drive them. Historically, women were relegated to being scantily clad race starters, trophy girls and wives. But just as women have progressed in other sports, women have come a long way in NASCAR. Long before Danica Patrick hit the scene women began making strides in NASCAR. Today, in honor of Women’s History Month and NASCAR Week we’re highlighting some of those historically significant women who dared to go beyond trophy holding trophies and photo ops and into NASCAR boardrooms and cars.

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What do you do when you own world records in three different events?  You try to break your own records, duuuuh.  That’s exactly what Katie Ledecky did this weekend in Austin, TX.  The 18-year-old human torpedo tore her way through the water and set a new world record in the 800m freestyle, winning the 16 lap event in a time of 8 minutes and 6.68 seconds.  She bettered the world record that she set just last year by seven tenths of a second.  This marked the FOURTH time she set a world record in this event and her 11th world record overall.  Ledecky also won the 200m and 400m freestyle events.  Yup, she cleaned up.  For always rocking #AllGoldEverything on the podium and always pushing herself to newer, better heights, Katie Ledecky is our Woman Crush Wednesday. Congrats Katie!