By now most of you are aware that last week the Senate held it’s confirmation hearing for President Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.  By a lot of people’s standards, DeVos’ performance was cringeworthy.  She avoided agreeing to uphold federal laws that protected disabled students, supported guns in schools to protect students from grizzly bears and revealed that she wasn’t knowledgeable in basic concepts about educational standards.  She provided little clarity about the tone she would set for the Department of Education and while it’s not immediately apparent, that also means there’s little clarity about the direction of women in sports. How could DeVos and the Department of Education possibly influence women in sports? For that answer I’m bringing you another installment of GladiatHer® Law.

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For as long as sports have existed, athletes’ wives have existed.  For much of their existence, however, athletes’ wives have remained seen but not heard; mere eye-candy that travels to support their spouses.  While the media often got the inside scoop on their famous husbands, most of the public was left wondering what these women were really like and what they did all day.  But with the advent of social media and reality television, the athletes’ wives, or as we like to call them GladiatHer® Wives, have increasingly become more vocal, noticeable (and dare I say household names) in society.  These outlets and genuine interest in these women have afforded athletes’ wives the ability to form their own brands and streams of income while sharing a piece of their lives with the world. Continue reading