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When you think about women in sports media, chances are that you think of sideline reporters and maybe even news anchors. Your mind doesn’t automatically jump to entrepreneurs or logistics specialists.  But that’s exactly what Blythe Brumleve, today’s GladiatHer® Crush Wednesday feature is; a straight shooting, successful sports entrepreneur and logistics specialist.  Hailing all the way from Duuuuuuuuuuvvvaaaalllll, Florida, Blythe is forging her way in the sports industry on her own terms and we’re absolutely in love with her for it.  Do yourself a favor and take a look at what she has to say below:

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Guess what, we’ve got a new feature for you guys! We’re constantly inspired by the women and girls we see on Instagram who show their awesome athleticism and dedication to sports.  So we decided to start sharing some of these women with you! GladiatHers® of Instagram will highlight some women and girls we think you should take a look at and follow for inspiration on staying healthy, being fit and being positive.  Our first GladiatHers® of Instagram hails from Liberty City, Miami. With 3,034 followers (and counting) she is the epitome of strength and tenacity.  Meet Th33BestICanBe…  Continue reading



Greatness often coincides with consistency.  We expect our greatest athletes to always be great; to always display excellence; to always be on.  But sometimes greatness is found, not in how well you perform, but in how well you get back up from those less than great performances; how well you stare adversity and failure in the face and refuse to back down.  Today’s GladiatHer Crush has given us both levels of greatness.  Over the past year and the span of her young career, Kendra Harrison has consistently been one of the world’s top hurdlers.  She owned 5 of the top 10 times this year in the 100m and had come gloriously close to the world record on multiple occasions.  So when the United States held its Olympic Trials in Oregon earlier this month, the thought of Harrison not making it to Rio didn’t cross many people’s minds.  For many, it was her time to go for gold.  But as fate would have it, Rio was not in the cards for Harrison.  In the finals of the Trials, she finished a disappointing 6th place.  6th place was three spots behind where she needed to place to qualify for the Olympic team and far cry from the greatness that was expected of Harrison. Continue reading

GladiatHer Crush Wednesday: Sanya Richards Ross


All athletes must retire.  It’s inevitable like death and taxes.  At some point, the body isn’t able to run as fast, jump as high and throw as far as it once could.  Today’s GladiatHer Crush Wednesday knows all too well the inevitability of retirement.  This past weekend American great Sanya Richards Ross gave us her final lap in the 400m at the US Olympic Trials.  Her final lap wasn’t run while earning a gold medal in Rio like she envisioned, but we appreciate the lap and her career nonetheless.  As an injured hamstring caused her to pull up on the last curve of the 400m preliminary race, the crowd in Oregon refused to let her walk to the finish line in disappointment.  They gave one of America’s greatest 400m runners the standing ovation that she deserved.  They thanked her for being the champion that she is.

She gave her heart, body and soul to track and field for the past 24 years and in the process she earned 5 Olympic medals (4 of them gold), 5 World Championship gold medals and 1 World Indoor Championship gold medal.  She earned lucrative endorsement deals and the respect of her competitors.  She also won fans around the world for performing with grace, class and a fire in her eyes that told us she would not be denied.  She was an inspiration on the track and in her life outside of it.  Beyond being a runner, Richards Ross is a proud Christian, wife and daughter, businesswoman and philanthropist.  She is proof of what’s possible when faith and determination collide.  Although she bids the track farewell, we know that Sanya Richards Ross has so much more to give this world and for that, she is our GladiatHer Crush Wednesday.  #TeamSRR #SRRFinalLap


WCW: Phylicia George


This morning I found myself in the midst of a debate about late bloomers.  The question at hand: Is it possible to get a scholarship to a NCAA Division I school and not have received any major accolades for your athletic prowess in high school?  Of course, being the fan of underdogs that I am, I was team #YesYouCan.  Well today’s Woman Crush Wednesday proved me right.  Phylicia George is one of the top hurdlers in Canada and the world, but things weren’t always so glamorous on the track for her.  Unlike many of her peers, George didn’t start running until she got to high school and even then it took her a while to find her niche.  She lovingly settled into the sprint hurdles, but didn’t attract a great deal of attention from colleges.  The coaches at the University of Connecticut; however, gave her a chance.  And it paid off, kinda.  While George set school records in the 60m and 100m hurdles, she didn’t earn any national accolades.  When she graduated she was equipped with a degree in Biological Sciences and was poised to enter medical school, but she chose to follow her dreams of being an Olympian.  Her track record (pun intended) didn’t support this dream, but she believed.  Her faith paid off.  Within a year of graduating, George ran a sub-13 second 100m hurdles, and made it all the way to the finals in the 2011 World Championships.  Cramping prevented her from running in the finals, but she came back in 2012 with a vengeance.  In 2012, she won the Canadian Track Athlete of the Year award, won silver in the 100m hurdles and gold at the 100m in the Canadian Championships and she achieved her dream; she became an Olympian.  Not only did she compete in the Olympics, but she made all the way to the finals in the 100m hurdles and placed six; all the while setting a personal best of 12.65 seconds…

13th IAAF World Track & Field Championships - Daegu, South Korea - September 3rd, 2011 - Evening

Because her life is a true testament that it’s never too late to start chasing your dreams and that how you finish is more important than how you start, Phylicia George is our Woman Crush Wednesday.  But don’t think George’s career is over.  She’s gearing up to return to the Olympics this year and she’s off to a good start.  This past weekend she competed in and won the 100m hurdles at the FBK Games in the Netherlands.  Keep an eye out for her because if history tells us anything, she’ll likely make a podium appearance in Rio. #HiPhylicia



What do you do when you own world records in three different events?  You try to break your own records, duuuuh.  That’s exactly what Katie Ledecky did this weekend in Austin, TX.  The 18-year-old human torpedo tore her way through the water and set a new world record in the 800m freestyle, winning the 16 lap event in a time of 8 minutes and 6.68 seconds.  She bettered the world record that she set just last year by seven tenths of a second.  This marked the FOURTH time she set a world record in this event and her 11th world record overall.  Ledecky also won the 200m and 400m freestyle events.  Yup, she cleaned up.  For always rocking #AllGoldEverything on the podium and always pushing herself to newer, better heights, Katie Ledecky is our Woman Crush Wednesday. Congrats Katie!

Woman Crush Wednesday


there be any doubt about who GladiatHer’s #WCW is?  Her career with the US Women’s National Team
(USWNT) has spanned over 14 years.  When
she officially retires on December 16, 2015, she will end her career having
scored the most international goals, ever…man or woman.  Her 184 international goals (77 of which were
headers), four trips to the Women’s World Cup, 2 Olympic gold medals, and FIFA
Women’s Player of the Year honors make her one of the greatest soccer players
of all time.  Although controversy may
have followed her at times, there was never a question that she loved and gave
her all to her sport and country.  For
her greatness, her fierceness and her fearlessness, Abby Wambach is GladiatHer’s