Now that you’ve eaten too much turkey, drunk too much beer and watched too much football, we’d like to introduce you to the perfect young lady to get you back on the healthy eating, healthy lifestyle track.  Meet our newest Instagram Inspiration, Alexandria Polise, aka Alexandria_Fitness.  At 26 years old she finds the time to be a full-time 401K Plan Administrator, a part-time fitness coach and a genuine inspiration for living a healthy life, physically and spiritually.  So let’s get to know Alexandria:

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GladiatHer® Gifts: What to Get the GladiatHers® in Your Life

Candles and stack of wrapped christmas gifts on wooden floor

Black Friday is upon us, Christmas is right around the corner and we all know how stressful this time of year can be. Long lines, expensive gifts and extreme uncertainty on what to buy all seem to be the main issues for most of us. Luckily, we’ve created the perfect guide to Christmas shopping for the GladiatHers® in you life. These gifts can be given to female athletes, coaches, fans or executives you may know or even the ones you’re trying to get to know. Continue reading



For as long as sports have existed, athletes’ wives have existed.  For much of their existence, however, athletes’ wives have remained seen but not heard; mere eye-candy that travels to support their spouses.  While the media often got the inside scoop on their famous husbands, most of the public was left wondering what these women were really like and what they did all day.  But with the advent of social media and reality television, the athletes’ wives, or as we like to call them GladiatHer® Wives, have increasingly become more vocal, noticeable (and dare I say household names) in society.  These outlets and genuine interest in these women have afforded athletes’ wives the ability to form their own brands and streams of income while sharing a piece of their lives with the world. Continue reading

LaChina Robinson: Fighting to Make You Love Women’s Basketball


Right now it may be difficult to avoid thinking about how racism and sexism continue to permeate American society.  But in the midst of political and social upheaval, it’s so very important that we also focus our energy on women and people of color who are winning in spite of powers hell-bent of their suppression. So today we bring you the story of and interview with LaChina Robinson. LaChina is a former standout Wake Forest basketball player. After a successful career in college basketball, LaChina transitioned into sports broadcasting. With a laser focus on expanding the coverage of and respect for women’s basketball, LaChina has firmly cemented herself as a force to be reckoned with. She is a reporter and analyst for NCAA and WNBA basketball with the ESPN family, FOX Sports and NBA TV; and she hosts espnW’s “Around the Rim” podcast. Beyond talk of women’s basketball, LaChina is a woman of substance. As she grows her brand she is careful to offer a helping hand to those who come after her and quick to credit her success to a higher power. Meet LaChina Robinson.  Continue reading

GladiatHer Law: Mr. Rose & Ms. Doe


*Warning: Today’s post contains some sexually explicit language and content.  If you’re under 18 years of age, ask your parent if you can read this.*

Today GladiatHer® Law is back with some NBA star power and lessons on rape.  On October 19, 2016, twelve jurors announced that Derrick Rose, Ryan Allan and Randall Hampton were not liable in a suit that claimed they had gang raped a still unidentified woman.  This may not be relevant to some of you since it happened a whole two weeks ago; but I’ve continued to have some significant conversations about the trial, it’s potential effects on women and rape in general.  Such extensive conversation that I think it warrants the topic being dusted off and discussed here.  So in the words of Kevin Hart, you gon’ learn today… Continue reading